A Short Guide to Online Dating

Internet dating is subject to controversy. While some consider it to be a waste of time, others happily marry their other halves found on the Web. But of one thing you may be sure: dating websites are getting more popular each day. The explanation is simple — the sites allow you to meet people from any country, of any age and social status, which significantly increases your chances to find a person who shares your interests and passions.

Is There a Chance for Online Dates to Grow into a Serious Relationship?

Many of you might have heard stories of people who found their soulmates or maybe already spouses on the Internet. They did not necessarily do it on special dating websites, it might have started with “liking” a photo on a social network and exchanging messages. But the fact is this: the people met each other online.

Internet has become a substantial part of our life: we use it for both work and leisure. So why not find your soulmate online?

Statistically, over one third of the World Wide Web users have used dating websites at least once. Every day, more than a million and a half people spend 4 hours or more on the portals. Among registered users, the number of men and women is approximately equal.

Creating a Profile: How to Increase Your Chances for Success

A good profile is a key to success. Since people cannot see you in real life, they will form their opinion of you will be based on your profile. Listed below are some useful tips on how to make your profile attractive.

Upload a Good Photo

Your photo is the first thing people will notice about you, so it is highly important that it should be good quality and show you from the most favorable angle. Do not use too much photoshop: overly retouched photos will make people wonder if you are trying to conceal some serious physical shortcomings.

Tell About Your Personality Traits

Make sure to add to your profile a list of personality traits that you consider to be the most prominent in you. Do not hesitate to include your most extravagant interests (such as sand drawing, etc.) — this may help you find your kindred spirit.

Specify Your Goal

Some people who date online look for a serious relationship while others just want a little flirting or look for a friend. So, specifying your goal is important.

Be Honest and Positive

Do not try to seem what you are not. If you are currently in a relationship or were married before, do not hide it. However, complaining of how lonely and helpless you are is not a good thing either — no one likes whining. Instead, emphasize the positive side of you without glossing over your personal traits or way of life.

Add a Short Description of Yourself

Some dating websites allow to post a short text (around 100 characters) under the profile photo. Try to make your mini resume interesting and unconventional. Avoid clichés and stale phrases like “I am hard to find and easy to lose”.

Update Your Profile Once in a While

Your interests, as well as your goals, may change. So, do not forget to update your profile and add new photos.

Get Your Profile on Top

While on some websites it is enough to visit your page at least once a day to move it on top of the rest, on other portals moving a profile on top requires some investments. Anyway, a top position will increase your chances to meet the right person.

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