Internet Dating: Pros and Cons

What is the reason Internet dating services are so popular? Why are people increasingly preferring online dates to live ones?


  • Easy access. You do not have to attend any events to meet new people. All you need is your gadget and access to Internet.
  • You can meet people irrespective of what time it is, whether it is night or day. It is easy to find someone from your time zone: Internet pushes the boundaries of dating.
  • You do not have to reply to messages at once which gives you time to think things over and find the right words to say.
  • You can talk to more than one person at once.
  • Initiating online communication is much easier than live one which is a great solution for shy people.
  • You can filter people by age, occupation or interests.


  • User profiles do not always reflect the real persons behind them. A photo of a young beauty may in fact belong to a thrice divorced 45-year old woman. This may not be a serious fault, but who wants to waste their time and get disappointed when going on a live date?
  • Eventually, you will have to meet the person in real life. Otherwise, no matter how long your virtual relationship lasts, it is doomed to end. However, this con is hardly a problem, as, typically, even the shyest people finally go on a real date.
  • There is a risk of becoming a target for criminals. Not all users are really looking for a life partner, some of them are after victims for their criminal schemes. This is probably the biggest downside to Internet communication (although you are not protected from crime in real life either). Never transfer money to your new online friends, and once you are going on a first real date, let someone of your family know where and with whom you are going. Do not arrange a date in a deserted place, charge your phone before you go and do not keep your hopes too high to avoid being disappointed. A fair amount of humor and common prudence will make sure it works out great!
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